John 14:2, Inc 

Putting Veterans First- Keeping Veterans First

Team Work & Dedication

John 14:2, Inc has 20 years of experience in using a team approach to assess the housing and service needs of the homeless and homeless veterans between the CEO, consultants and members of the board.


 This assessment team includes people who have been case managers, job coaches, program managers, developers and staff from the DC VA Medical Center.  We have worked to develop the tools that will be used for each resident to help evaluate and meet individual housing and supportive service needs, as well as providing crisis intervention.


Our team has been providing services to the homeless and homeless veterans in and around the DC Metro area for the past 15 years with 20 years of combined experience in providing supportive services through number of different programs and program designs through out the country. This experience includes substance abuse treatment, women and children's programs, intensive job re-entry, transitional and permanent housing and a wide range of support services that are designed to foster self sufficiency, increased community participation and long-term housing. 


Many members of the John 14:2 team have experience working with such programs as the AmeriCorps National Service Program, operating Shelter Plus Care and HUD Permanent Housing program, which have provided linkage to providers in continuum of care and the collaboration among housing and services programs for the homeless veterans.